Apple & Mobile Device Repair

Brands like Apple and or even large repair chains charge a high premium for repair on proprietary devices. We make sure to side step this fee and treat these devices like any other. Like our custom builds, and Windows repairs you will not pay extra for parts, whatever the cost for us they cost for you. 


You pay what we pay

In technology, prices are almost always going down and performance is always going up and it is no different for the proprietary realm. Which is why when we order parts, no matter the part, brand or type whatever price we pay is what you pay. We will never charge a premium on replacement parts. 


Screen Repair

All screen repair comes with a one year guarantee that the screen will not fail, or degrade in quality. All devices are thoroughly tested before being returned to you, this allows us to do our absolute best to make sure that you aren't going to have to deal with the screen failing. What we cannot cover is any damage caused by the user unless a warranty plan is purchased with us.


Loaner Devices

Today our mobile devices are arguably the most important tech in our lives and we understand this. With all mobile device repairs (while supplies last) we will loan a device to take with you and use while we complete repair. This will allow you to not have to put your life on hold while waiting for parts to arrive and the repair to be completed.