About us

KW Systems was started in January 2015 by two brothers who have a passion for technology. We started repairing PC's in our bedroom until we were able to finish building our shop. Luckily we have an amazing family that has given us the space to work and allowed us to build our shop. We got our start working with technology by always having to help our family members growing up, eventually we found that we had a real skill for it. 


Home grown

We started our company in a small bedroom, eventually moving up to our shop which is an addition to our Kailua house. It was important to us to have an area where you (the client) could have a comfortable area to fill out paperwork or while waiting for a repair. Another thing that is important to us that our shops feels homey. We know how cold and disconnected some of the big chain repair companies can feel and we wanted the complete opposite feel.

Our goal

The goal of KW Systems is to provide the best technology work for the best price possible. Whether that work be a new custom machine or repairing a legacy PC we make sure that whatever the choice may be that it benefits the client. We also do our best to empower you, which is why if the situation permits it we will teach our clients small fix's or tweaks that will make things much easier. 

The KW Team

Kramek & Whalen systems is a completely grass roots operation; one of our main goals is to keep purchasing a new PC or repairing your current one as stress free as possible. We understand that our technology is very important to many aspects of our lives and our team is here to work with you every step of the way, whether it is getting your items shipped to us for repair, or if you are trying to find more information on your PC, we're here

S. Garret Whalen    Owner/Operator

S. Garret Whalen


Michael Noon   Intern

Michael Noon


Wilma Whalen   Shipping & Receiving

Wilma Whalen

Shipping & Receiving

Dorothy "Dotty" Bramlett   Chief of Finances   

Dorothy "Dotty" Bramlett

Chief of Finances


Jim Bramlett   Head of Maintenance     

Jim Bramlett

Head of Maintenance