KW changes explained and we'll be blogging more!

Hello all, 

Apologies we have not been blogging as much as we would like to. This year KW Systems had a major change to our leadership which has caused us to put our focus elsewhere for the start of the year that way we could maintain our levels of quality & support. Now that we have had time to get settled in and find our new routines we'll have time to put our opinions & questions out there that way we can talk about them or you guys can just call me out for how wrong I am :) 

The major change for K&W (at the time) is that about seven months ago my brother and at the time co-owner and co-operator of the business received a great job opportunity which would have been silly for him to pass it up. It was a sad moment, but also a happy moment for the KW family as he is more than just a business partner, he's family and we're happy too see him do well!  

Now that we've had time to get back into the swing of things we wanted to reach out and explain where we have been and also let everyone know that we will now be blogging much more regularly. We're not exactly sure what the schedule is going to be yet as I'm still trying to setup core bloggers but once we have a schedule it will be posted right away. We have no idea how many people will read or participate but we're grateful and welcoming to anyone who wants to become a part of the KW family!