"New" iPad with an old chip?

Today Apple released a new entry level iPad, a 9.7" version. I think that this move would have made sense if the tablet came with other substantial upgrades in features and performance. One of Tim Cook's fundamental problems with selling iPad's is iPhone's, which is why I believe releasing a new iPad without major reasons to purchase one if you already own an iPhone was a mistake. At this point with this "new" iPad it is possible that you may get more performance for your dollar by purchasing the last gen model (this will be easier to calculate once we have had time for left over generation iPad's to hit the market).  Releasing this iPad while keeping the A9x CPU's is a fabulous blunder on Apple's part. Apple is pitching this iPad as "new" yet the A9x is substantially older then the A10 chip that resides in my iPhone 7plus. According to Juli Clover at Macrumors.com the A10 chips are 7% faster then the A9X in single core tests and 10% faster in multi core tests, which brings us to the main question. Why would Apple release a "new" iPad that contains hardware which has already been around for over a year and is out performed by multiple devices in Apple's lineup? I understand that they dropped the price to allow more people to purchase it but without substantial reasons to purchase one the price isn't going to make a difference. Majority of people who are going to think about purchasing the new iPad will already have access to a device inside of Apples ecosystem and I just don't see people purchasing this iPad until it has substantial upgrades in features and performance.