Networking & Onsite Repair

Having a solid connection to the digital world is more important then ever and here at KW Systems we are behind you 100% of the way. Whether it is router trouble, your ISP not delivering the connection speeds you pay for or even a cable failure; whatever the issue is we can troubleshoot it and get you up and running again. The way that our onsite repair programs works is we charge $50 travel fee no matter where on Oahu you are located (if located on a different island we can use remote access if possible). Once we arrive we charge $75 per hour and all seniors, students & military receive a 10% discount.



More devices then ever are now are connected or "smart" devices which require constant connection to the internet and we can help with that. In Hawaii because we have so many people living closely to each other it can cause issues with the way your WiFi router broadcasts it's signal, let alone the many other things that can go wrong with networking. In some situations it's a matter of contacting your internet service provider and troubleshooting with them which is also something that we are happy to do. Our goal is to to make these issues as painless as possible and get your connection up and running again.


Remote Access

Onsite help

We understand that our PC's keep our most private data which is why we offer all of our services onsite. In this situation if the problem permits and with your permission we will dial into your machine remotely to troubleshoot the problem or at the very least to experience the problem that way if we have to physically come onsite we will be prepared to take care of the issue.

Data Transfer

Data Transfer

Backups are arguably the most important of keeping a personal computer functioning optimally. With our onsite backup service we can create entire images of your machines to store on our servers that way if data loss occurs you will be safe and secure. This is not a replacement for cloud backups, this is a redundant image that way important programs and software which cannot be replaced by the cloud will not be lost.